Friday, January 21, 2011

Batting Squares for Rag Quilt

I'm making progress on completing a Rag quilt using UFO blocks and additional new blocks using the remaining fabric purchased.  Even with the AccuQuilt Go, it's time consuming.  I ended up cutting 64 new blocks so I needed to cut the matching batting squares.  Since I used the AccuQuilt Go to cut the rag squares, I wanted to use it again for the batting squares.  

I used my bags of scrap batting.  You know, the long scraps cut off of a quilt. I cut two squares per run through the cutter.  In no time, I was completed cutting my batting squares.  I even managed to quilt (sewn x's) on all but one set of colors.

All that is left is to sew the last set of 16 block sandwiches and then assemble the quilt.  I plan on taking this one and the original rag quilt using these fabric to the laundromat.  I can't wait to see it fringe up from the dryer!

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  1. one thing that I do to not waste any batting, is that I take my cat brushes that I use for woll carding, and I card up the batting to make it into stuffing for various other projects.