Sunday, January 2, 2011

Eiffel Obsession

It was a trip of a lifetime approximately 10 years ago.  A friend and I were talking how we would love to visit London and Harrods department store.  I always try to do things while I can and after checking with hubby, he said go...go have a good time.

Off we went to London for a week of sightseeing, theatre and shopping.  It was perfect weather and a great time.  We saw in the hotel lobby that there was an upcoming trip to Paris for the day.  It wasn't something we planned and it was a little on the expensive side.  However, the thoughts of having the chance to ride the Eurostar high speed train under the English Channel was a big seller.  Wouldn't you know it, the train stopped for about an hour under the channel.  It was not fun.  However we got a free one way train ticket.

Ever since I spent that one day (8 hours) in Paris, I have been in love with the Eiffel tower.  We took a double decker bus ride all around the city to see the major sites.  It was fantastic.  Recently, while cleaning a closet, I found a picture of me at the Eiffel tower.  I forgot that I ever had one taken. It's not the best photo but it's validation I was there.  I even tried to scan it but it's still not clear.  You can tell by the sky it was a beautiful day!  It just renewed my obsession and sent me looking for Eiffel tower fabric to hopefully make something.  I found several Eiffel fabrics at and can't wait to see them in person and make something fun!  Of course there are many other Eiffel Tower "things" in my home.  Maybe in the future I'll share them.

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