Monday, January 24, 2011

Jury is Still Out - Rag Quilt Progress - Slow and Steady

I managed to finish sewing all the flannel block sandwiches for the rag quilt. I chose the second pattern option as the quilt design.  Is was the one with the bulls eye design. I have another rag quilt in the diagonals so I thought this would make a great change. 

So far I have assembled two rows and just finished joining the rows.  I think the jury is still out whether using the AccuQuilt Go dies are a time saver or not.  What time I previously spent on snipping the seams is now spent on making sure all the little fringes are setting properly as it goes under the needle.  But, slow and steady I'm making progress. 

This is going to be a bigger quilt for me.  It will probably cover a queen bed comfortably.  I did have one issue where some of the original UFO blocks had batting all the way to the fringe edges where the new ones did not. I spend some time meticulously snipping the batting out of the block fringes.  I gave up after just 1/4 of the blocks.  I'll come back after it is finished and see how obvious it is.

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