Saturday, January 15, 2011

Week of Whats and Whys

It's been a long week.  One of so many whys.  Some health related, some personal, some really petty but all were time consuming of my thoughts.  It amazes me how we all cope with things when bad news is presented.  Some don't skip a beat where others become consumed.  I've always been one that didn't skip a beat in the past.  Bad news, OK, we can get through this as well.  However, this last time, it has not been as easy as in the past.  What a funk I'm in.  Maybe it's because everything is really unknown.  We know the bad news that hubby is probably no longer in remission and that the nasty little cells have probably moved onto a new site.  What we don't know is, what's next?  Are they sure?  What's the next steps? what is the treatment? how will he handle it? Questions, Questions, Questions.

We won't learn anythings until this next week when we meet with the new specialist.  We've had to wait 2 weeks since learning of the news.  So I am left with this overwhelming desire to clean and pitch things.  I mean really pitch the things that I was keeping for "someday" that I was going to use in crafts.  I guess it's the one thing I have control over for now.  I'm hoping the crafting bug will come back and occupy my time.  For now, I'll try and keep my allthingscrafty blog just for crafting when I get back to it.  You can meet my better half here and follow our progress as he fights such a nasty disease.  If you hunt real hard, you may just see a photo of me as well :-) 
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  1. Oh, Trish....This is so touching and right after I posted my chemo hats for Pink Saturday. You and your husband will certainly be in my thoughts and prayers. My niece is a 2 time survivor and with on and off chemo my best friend;s brother is able to continue to live a happy life. Try to take it a minute at a time, and remember I am remembering you all. Hope you will be able to do a bit of your crafting, though I know full well when I am worried it is a hard thing to do. Hugs, Genie

  2. Oh so sorry to hear that this. I know what you mean about not desiring to craft when your life is on hold. Nothing seems enjoyable. That's what I was thinking as I was reading - you what to have control. Well I'll be praying for both of you. Good Luck Sweetie!