Sunday, February 13, 2011

Combining Crafts for Valentines Day Card - Part II

My original plan was to make this year's valentines day card from scratch.  Why not, I have enough supplies to probably make endless amount of cards.  But, I also remembered I had some pre-purchased blank cards from a box kit.  I looked through them and found a beautiful heart themed card.  I added the Happy Valentines Day sentiment to the front of the card and I was on my way. 
The inside was totally blank.  Then, the inside sentiment came to me. So, the inside became:  "As always, you make my {insert embroidered, appliqued, rhinestone'd heart here} sparkle.  Happy Valentines Day!  I ran the embroidered applique heart through the Xyron machine to add permanent adhesive to the back of it. 

I also created a print out of the saying I selected and cut it out to match the card size.  I added a few glue dots on the corner and applied it to the inside card.  Here's the end result for the inside of the card.  Of course, my photography skills are not the best and you can't see the rhinestone sparkles.  But, they really shine!  Now, just add a hand written sentiment and I am completed. 

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