Friday, September 30, 2011

Practice becomes Presents - Placemats

I thought I had plenty of room left on the practice backing on the HQ16 to squeeze out at least six placemats referenced before.  These were Placemat 5 - Cristofer's design from One Song Needle Arts.  I loved how they stitched out after the first one, so I decided to try and stitch out 3-5 more.  After the first one, I wanted to place two horizontally instead of centering one.  They fit perfectly.

When I rolled the backing after the two stitched out, I did not have enough room to stitch out any more.  So, I ended up with 3 placemats.  I can't have 3 placemats.  As I rolled back the backing, I found a small unstitched area that would allow me to stitch out one more placemat.  That would give me 4 and enough for to create a gift for someone.

As you can see, I really peace meal my practice pieces.  I slap on a cut piece of batting and a cut piece of practice fabric and stitch away.  I end up with a real mess in the end.

 However, I've made some interesting things out of these practice pieces.  Runners, pot holders, etc.  In the next post, I'll show you how I quickly finished the placemats without adding binding.

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