Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Trish's Tools - Cute Ironing Board

On a previous trip to my local Joann's, I did a quick check in the clearance area.  I found the cutest ironing board that I have been using ever since.  It's a simple press particle board material with two slats for legs.  It fits perfectly on my large repositional tray tables for projects while watching TV.  It's about 24" long and only 1.5 inches high.
 When you flip it over, it has a white board underneath it.  How clever.   The two simple slats on the sides serve as the legs to lift it off of the table.

 That's come in handy when marking sizes of cuts.  I think I'll make some other ironing board covers for it in the future.  I picked this little gem up for 75% off or close to $5 and well worth it!  It fits so nicely beside the lounge chair.  It's usually hidden from view but I know it's there.  If you are handy with a rotozip tool saw, I bet these would be easy to make!!  Off to do some ironing.

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