Monday, December 5, 2011

Candy Cane Kiss Overload

Last night we unwrapped 20 bags of Candy Cane Kisses to get ready for more candy making.  Whew, I'm glad that's done.  I spent the day making the chocolate covered pretzels, cooling them down, partitioning them and getting them ready for giving at our hospital visit.  Here's what 20 bags of candy cane kisses looks like!  Believe me, the coffee was necessary this morning when assembling and baking/melting all these chocolates!

One of the frustrating parts was pulling out so many broken pretzel snaps.  Ugh... I finally said, I'm using them.  I just placed two half pieces together and when the chocolate melted, it joined the two pieces.  I throw about 20 chocolate pretzels in a snack bag, wrap some tissue around it and plop it in a mini bag that you can get at the dollar store.  You can get 3 or 4 for a dollar.  Here's the final gift

 Please keep your fingers crossed that my dh's last PET scan is a clean one tomorrow!

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