Sunday, January 29, 2012

Mandy's New Walking Coat

Recently, I purchased two of those dog harnesses that you see on TV.  I found them very cheap and thought they would work well for our two yorkies.  I purchased two extra small harnesses.  I have one 10.5 pound yorkie and one 6.5 pound yorkie.  Our dogs are not the usual yorkie size.  They are both very long.  Well, the xsmall harnesses were very big on both dogs.   I was able to adapt one of the harnesses to fit our larger yorkie.  I kept saying I could make a harness for our smaller yorkie.  Well, I finally made one.

I measured the length from her neck I wanted it and then the size of her chest.  She does not like anything different touching her.  It was not easy to measure her.  Look at the look of terror on her eyes when the tape measure got close.  Also, notice her sister in the background peeking her eye over at us.

Then I basically made a sideways H for the harness.  The top straps go around her neck, the bottom straps around her chest.  I angled the neck straps up a little bit to fit around her neck.  The neck straps can Velcro on an angle like the photo or straight horizontally.  Whichever is more comfortable for your dog.

Here's she is modeling her new walking coat.  It will help out a lot to not have her choking when we are walking her.   It turned out so well, I see many different coat colors in her and her sister's future!  It was hard to get her to stand still for the finished coat photo.  This is the best I could do.

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  1. That is very clever, I will be interested to see how the velcro works. If you get fur stuck in it etc.