Sunday, May 6, 2012

Trying out Denim - Again

I thought I would try and work on my mock cathedral quilt but I keep having problems sewing down the denim sides.  Maybe it's the thread that I'm using.  100% cotton.  But, the thread keeps breaking and having to manually thread a need these days in my 40s is near impossible to see.  I swear my vision changes every week. 

Today was no different on the vintage singer.  I test out the sewing on a scrap piece of denim and had a few problems with two layers but not much.  When I tried to sew 4 layers which sometimes comes together in the corners of the cathedral windows, the cotton thread kept breaking.  I only had patience to work on it for about an hour.  With less time now, there's less time to fight with things when they don't want to work out the way you want.  So, after re-threading about 5 times (3 on test scrap fabric and 2 on actual) I put it away for the day.  I'll try again next weekend.

I saw an indigo bunting this weekend for the very first time.  It just caught my eye out my back window at the bird feeder.  I was shocked I was able to find the camera, come back, and it was still there.  I tried several times to get a good photo out our back window but this is the best I got.  At least you can see how blue it was.

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  1. it's frustrating when thread won't cooperate...

    here's a couple things to try- try applying some Sewer's Aid thread aid to the spool. Cotton thread does become brittle with age.

    if that doesn't help, try a bigger needle.