Saturday, June 23, 2012

Beautiful Messages

I started sorting through this year's batch of Breast Cancer blocks received.  I had asked for two packets without a lot of embellishments this years so that I could use the mid arm to add a quilted design to the quilt this year.  I have 8 of the breast cancer ribbon blocks left over from last year when I changed their size at the last minute.  So, I have my corner blocks finished!  Yeah!   I only have to create 8 more embroidered blocks for each quilt to be able to achieve the layout I have in mind. 

Here are some of the beautiful messages from the first packet.

Here's the layout I think I'm going to go for this year.  The darker blocks will be where I will add embroidered blocks.  However, it won't end up looking like this since there are so many different colors of blocks.  Many shades of pink and several greens.  The center white is reserved for the Ford Cares logo.

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