Sunday, June 24, 2012

Checkups All Around

I traveled today to pickup my recent sewing machines from service.  I found a person on ebay about an hour away that services older sewing machines for minimal cost.  I am so happy I decided to meet in a public place and drop off the machines a couple weeks ago.  I was almost ready to throw away the brother machine that did not work.  There was something that was just too appealing to me to throw it away.  Thus, the search for the service work.  It was a simple fix and now the machine does beautiful even stitches.  The repairman said he didn't think the machine was ever used.  I would have to agree with him since the tags were still on the machine.  What a keepsake beauty now!

I also asked him to clean up the Singer Red Eye treadle machine and get it to sew again.  He gave a good cleaning but told me it will need a lot of work to clean up that 91 years of grime.  I'll continue the job.  I'm working on the nickel pieces to see if I can shine them up.  But, the treadle machine now does some great stitches as well.  Now, the trick is finishing up the cleanup, refinishing the cabinet, and replacing the machine in the cabinet.  Lots to do and I'm not in a huge hurry.

Now that the machines have had checkups, now it's time for DH and me.  DH has his 6 month checkup on Tuesday.  After some doctors rescheduled his checkups, we are left with trying to attend 4 different appts on one the same day.  This is great because it's only 1 day away from work but we are not sure they will all work out.  We travel about 1.5 hours away but it's worth it to visit John's Hopkins.  Of course, each alternating appt is at different ends of the hospital complex.  Radiation follow up one side, ENT the other side, back over to speech and finish back over on the other side with oncology.  But, we continue to count our blessings that he is in the remission phase so we don't mind the appts.  We are keeping our fingers crossed but will be surprised they are all on time and everything runs smoothly.  Finally, follow-ups for me are the end of the week. Thankfully, just your everyday normal checkup for me.  Appts for everyone in one week.. whew...

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