Saturday, September 22, 2012

Signs of Fall

Like a lot of folks, fall is my favorite season.  I love the weather and colors and decorations! Today, we spent a little time putting out the fall/halloween decorations.  We added a little more this year.   There is one thing about fall that I'm not a big fan of though.  All the creepy spiders that come out.  I swear they have camped out at my home.  I am always looking for them.  Good thing too.. I almost walked into the most nasty looking one this morning.  They photos don't do the size justice.  It was big, hairy, and nasty :-) 

But I just avoid them and move on to decorations!  A couple bales of hay, some mums and a few Michael's scarecrows and we are good to go for a couple months.  Don't forget the pumpkins too!

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  1. Very cute Trish. You look like you are having fun celebrating the arrival of Fall. I love everything Fall, except the spiders! And, I'm seeing plenty of spider webs in my garden, so I know they are getting ready for Fall too!