Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Changing the Halloween Quilt Backing

Even the best laid plans don't always work out the way you intended.  My thoughts for the Halloween quilt was to back it with the same black fabric from the front and then add the scraps from the cut border and then the extra squares from the left over charm pack.

Everything started out well.  I assembled all the border scraps into one long insert.

So, so far so good.  Hey that doesn't look too bad for not lining things up.  Looks a little modern to me.  So, I thought I would add on the extra charm pack squares I had.  I had just enough to top and bottom the insert and here's what I ended up with.

Hey I like that... That's too cute to put on the back of the quilt.  So, I decided I'm going to make a bed runner or table runner out of it!  The colors are so vibrant in this charm pack.  So, now I needed to pick a new backing fabric.  I went bold and different.  Here's the new backing fabric...

Next Up, choosing the quilting.  Bats or webs.. Hmmm.. decisions decisions...

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  1. How clever! And you're so right. It is too cute to put on the back. May I copy it? I have a fabric line of scraps that would look great set this way as a runner.