Saturday, February 2, 2013

Embroidery Funny - Dirty Little Shamrock

I had to share a funny I recently received.  On one of my previous posts, I created a mug rug for St. Patrick's day with an applique I created.  I stored the multiple versions of embroidery file types on MediaFire so that others could download it when they wanted to.  Recently, I received a notice in my email account that one of the files were removed. 

I guess I am distributing a Shameful Dirty little Shamrock Applique file with an .XXX extension.  LOL...   Sorry Compucon/Singer PSW file users.  I won't be able to supply that version anymore...  

Enjoy your weekend and hopefully this weekend, I'll share my Valentines Basic Mug rug with you.

Thanks for stopping by!  


  1. Very funny. I wonder if it was in a zip file if they would have not worried about it, possibly it was the machine embroidery file format that made them nervous, thinking it was at risk of a virus? Too funny.

    I look forward to seeing your Valentines mug rug.


  2. OH gosh, the yahoo groups have had problems with that extention for years also. WHY Singer would not have thought that a file extension with those three letters wasn't going to cause problems I have no idea. LOL

    Too bad they gave you a strike for that. I wonder if you wrote them to explain what that was if they'd change their mind on allowing those files, or at the very least remove that strike since you weren't being 'naughty'.