Sunday, July 27, 2014

Christmas in July - Returning to Moda Flurry Quilt by Kate Spain

I was thinking that my next project would be a Halloween item, but, then I kept reading about all the Christmas in July projects out there.  So, I jumped on the bandwagon and decided to work on my Christmas quilt started last year.  Last year I started the Moda Flurry Quilt.

I was all excited that I got the center part all pieced together.  I hung it up for photos and thought, something doesn't look right?

It finally dawned on me that I'm missing a white row above each of the separator rows.  Now I know why I precut long white strips that I didn't use.  Now, time to decide if I"m going to rip apart the top and add the white rows. 

Beyond that, I need the pieced borders yet to do.  The previous link I provided for the free pattern no longer works but I found another one for the Moda Flurry free pattern by Kate Spain.

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