Tuesday, August 27, 2019

My New to Me - Used - Janome 15000

My new to me (used) Janome 15000 sewing / embroidery machine has arrived!  I waited for a long time for the prices to drop and I finally found a good bargain.  I'm so excited to learn more about it!  Unfortunately, the sewing foot needed to sew out the decorative stitches was missing so I'll have to wait to test that out  until my new one arrives.  For now, I just do some straight stitching and turn it back off.

To be honest, I also use the auto thread cutter on the foot pedal and the auto needle threader.  I think that's the auto needle threader is one of my first favorites.  For someone who has a hard time threading a needle, that's a big thing!  I look forward to sharing the things that I'm learning on this machine.  If you have one and have some favorite items you do with it, please share!
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