Cleaning my Blog House and Cutting files

I've been cleaning house on my blog lately.  Deleting older entries.  I'm planning on completely changing the layout, look and feel of this blog.  I can't believe I've had it since 2009 wow.  So much has changed since then.  I still love crafting when I can find the time.  Stay tuned for a new look!  

 Lately I've been spending time using my Silhouette Cameo 3.  I finally took off the dust cover and got started playing with the Studio software and some vinyl cutting.  I love it!!  I've made many vinyl stickers for myself.   Most of the files have been free files from the internet for personal use.  Amazing how you can spend so much time looking for files and seeing what everyone else is doing with their digital cutter or quilting.

Here's a couple items I completed.  I also created my first Rhinestone template and rhinestone iron on.  Boy that was an adventure.  Not my favorite although I love rhinestones.


Thanks for stopping by!