Quilt Backing - Cutting it Close

It was great getting a chance to visit with Mom this past week.  Now it's back to the normal routine and finding time to finish the Pink Star quilt.  I was able to finish the quilt backing early this morning.  There are two things about this quilt backing that bother me.  One being the one tumbler die (with the big white arrow pointing to it) I did not center the white stripe.  It did not look as obvious when it was the other direction.  Maybe I'll just rotate the backing.

The second item is that I am cutting it close on length.  I think I only have a 1/2 inch on top and bottom extra.  I'm debating whether to piece an extra strip or take a chance.  More than likely I'll add a pieced strip just to be safe.  It would be so disappointing if I started quilting and then the backing ended up short.  So, one more step to finish the backing and we'll be ready to start pinning.  Looking at the photo, I should have ironed it before photos.

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  1. Oh boy. I know that white stripe would bother ME if that were my project. I'm struggling with something like that this morning. I'm piecing a flimsy; got confused about placement and would have to pretty much start over again. Right now I'm deciding if this will bother me enuf when it's finished. *sigh* I fear it will.