Software Printed Cards made Better

I often make cards for family and donate cards to a local hospice patients.  I love that I can finally use some of craft stock I have been buying for that someday use.  I wanted to share with you a way I make my software printed cards even better!.  These cards I make get so many compliments and dry quickly.

The steps that I am going to share are from items that I have personally purchased and the links are affiliate links that will not cost you anything to click on. However, it may give me a few pennies to buy more crafts if you happen to purchase the same items.  

First off, I use this Greeting Card Factory Deluxe 11 card making software.  However, you can use any type of software you have.  Select and print out the card you want in the size you want.  I tend to only print out 5 x 7 and 4.25 x 5.5 cards.  The easiest way is that I purchase a lot of card/envelope pairs.  My two favorites so far are listed below.  And, yes, I go through multiple packs of these.:
Once my cards are designed and printed, then I add one or two special touches.  First I use this clear medium coat which gives images texture and dimension.  I use it right from the bottle tip and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this stuff.  Caution, Don't use too much or your cards will warp and will need to be pressed with a book, once they are dry, to try and get the warps out of it.  Start out slow and maybe color the shading or certain flowers.  See the image examples I've posted.
Finally, I add rhinestones here an there if I really want to like in the bluebird's flowers in the image above.  I use these because I love Arora Borealis rhinestones :-)  You choose the size you want.  Remember if you go too big and you have to mail your card, it will add weight and may puncture the envelope,

Have fun with your creativity!!

Thanks for stopping by! 

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