Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Loves Me, Loves Me Knot or Oopsy Daisy

I am so excited that I received my Turning Twenty quilt back from the Rachel-sewbehind blog and the Sewbehind website. I am so mesmerized by the consistency of the daisies on the quilt. One the front, they are nice and subtle and don't take away from the overall quilt design and on the back, WOW, they just add a great element!

I asked that Rachel use two different threads for the quilt. Black on top and White on the bottom. Usually this is such a no no. But, since the overall quilt was already black and white I figured when the bobbin white thread pulled up to the black top thread, i would get this polka dot like look. It is more evident on the back and it looks exactly as I was hoping.

I can't say enough about Rachel. I just met her while blogging (which you all know has not been very long) . Quality work, fast turn-around and great prices. Please visit Rachel's sites to see more (Rachel-sewbehind blog and the Sewbehind ) when you have a moment

Just look at how great these photos are. Ok, it's early morning here and the lighting is not perfect. The colors are much more vibrant. There are close-ups of the front and back and full front (well, couldn't fit the whole quilt in the photo) and back. You can click on the photos for more details.

Also... help me choose the quilt name. Either Loves Me, Loves me knot or Oopsy Daisy. Send me an email or post a comment.

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Digital Scrapbooking Day for Me

Well, when I got home for work this evening it was digital scrapbooking time for me. From time to time I like to create digital scrapbooking pages to share with family / friend. Here are some pages completed for my Great Niece Justice. Now, keep in mind, I'm a little behind on my pages, these photos were from about 1 years ago.

I used PhotoShop Express 5.0 for my digital scrapbooking pages. I subscribe to several digital scrapbooking newsletters that usually provide 1 or two free samples daily or weekly. Some of my favorite sites for digital scrapbook items are:

I usually send the pages (after resizing them to a smaller size) to relatives as a surprise or I will do a series of them as .jpg images and then add them to a slide show with music. It puts a little twist on the same old digital photo slide show. Here are the photo pages I did of Justice. Her headband reminded me of spring so that is the theme I went with on two of them.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Up Up and away....

Well, they are all hatched and two are on their way out in the big world. Here's some photos of the priceless results of this whole process. It was a long journey but the end result of having the butterflies cling to you before they take off is "priceless".

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