Monday, January 26, 2009

Angels, Hiding Dogs and Butterfly Slices

Cutting Angels

I've been spending the last two evenings just cutting and cutting and cutting the Angel pieces. Each Angel has 10 pieces so it's been time consuming cutting out. I have not even begun to fuse them down. I have until Feb 10 to have them turned in for the Block Swap. Today, I hope to have them all assembled and fused so that I can begin sewing them down. Maybe one an evening.

Mandy Candy

I was down in our storage room looking for something and emptied a box of summer things which included this beach towel. It took a while to find what I was looking for and when I turned around, I found little Miss Mandy Candy making herself comfy in the beach towel. She loves to be covered up in a blanket and she won't stop fixing until she is. Luckily, she stayed there while I went and got the camera.

Butterfly Slices

I got to play with my new design cards this past weekend for the slice. I'm even more smitten with it than when I first received it. I love the sizable fonts and designs. Of course you wouldn't want to cut out a full sentence of letters since it would take too long. However, for a quick diecut, this is great! Here you can see I can choose the size from 1-4" in 1/2 increments. It "slices" the design into the card stock. When the excess paper is removed, you have your design.

They were supposed to introduce 12 new design cards yesterday. I hunted for them but then found out they would be released on different months throughout the year. If you haven't seen them yet, here's a link to the upcoming 12 new design cards!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Embroidery, Football Funny, Applique Hint


A current quilt I am working on requested that the center of the quilt have an embroidered block which showed their name. At the time I was unable to complete this large embroidery with my current machine. That led me to my friend Rachel @ the SewBehind blog and she said she could complete it for me since she had an embroidery machine (Janome MB-4).

Afterwards, I learned that Rachel was a Janome dealer. The more I learned about the machine the more interested I was in it. I decided to take the plunge and invest in an MB-4 machine. I'm sure you'll see more on my site about it. If you are in the market for a Janome machine (sewing or embroidery) drop Rachel a line. She'll be more than happy to answer any questions.

So, here is my new addition to the sewing equipment:
Football Funny

Yesterday evening DH and I were watching TV, flipping through the channels as usual (amazing with over 100+ channels and can't find something to watch) and he came across a Pittsburgh Steelers and Baltimore Ravens game. He said, OMG, the game is on tonight. He said, I thought it was tomorrow (Sunday). Long story short, for 5 minutes I believed him and watched the game from a previous meeting of the teams. Then he fessed up. Shows how much I pay attention to details.

Applique Hint

Yesterday I was working on dog paws and bones for applique. Usually, I just print out my designs and then trace the design. I dislike using straight pins because I always jab myself.

As previously mentioned, I love to use Steam-a-seam and steam-a-seam2 fusible webbing. This has paper on both sides of the fusible webbing. Finally it hit me, why not lightly glue the paper applique printouts to one side of the steam-a-seam fusible web paper. I never reuse the paper templates.

I used my scrapbooking fast drying glue stick and adhered the printouts to one side and was in business in no time! Worked like a charm and no pin sticks!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

Progress - Project 365, Angel Babies, and Football!

Project 365

I knew when I started this project, it would be a difficult task for me. Days go by in a flash and I find myself saying, "wow, where'd the week go?" My goal in this project was to just start a journaling process and take a photo or image to represent the day, then complete the digital scrapbooking.

I have been keeping up with the bullet points and photos per day. Nothing fancy, just a bulleted list and at the bottom of each date, I place a hypertext link to the photo on my hard drive that represents the day.

I can already see the reward of this process by looking back on the notes and seeing what was done on each day. Then, when time permits, I'll construct the scrapbook pages possibly on a monthly basis?
Angel Babies

I've cut out the pieces to the butterfly/rose angel baby blocks. I'm going to complete 4 different wings in this format. Here's a photo of the non adhered progress so far. I think she will be so pretty once finished that it may be difficult to send away. :-)

GO Pennsylvania Teams!

I know I have friends in other states, but we are so excited in my home about the upcoming games for the PA football teams! Although my philosophy for the Steelers is "whatever will be, will be" (But then again, we do have 5 superbowl rings :-) My hubby's attitude is a little more fanatical for the Philadelphia Eagles.

In any case, we are looking forward to the games this weekend! One step away from a possible PA Superbowl but it's a big step to accomplish. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!!

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Angel Block Swap & Go PA Teams!

I've finally chosen my fabrics for the Angel baby block swap over at Sindy's Fat Cat Patterns. Here are what the angel babies look like. They are Sindy's original designs and I think they are adorable.
I signed up for I believe 8-10 blocks. I am going to make 3-4 each in the blue fabric combos (light and dark) and The butterfly fabric with rose wings and I might try the metallic black and silver dress with faint silver fabric wings. I plan on cutting them out this weekend since it's been a hectic week at work.

Also, what about those PA Football teams!! In my house, I'm a Pittsburgh gal and the hubby is a Philadelphia fanatic so we are both very excited at the chance of an all PA superbowl!! With that being said, we'll have a temporary interruption in sewing for Football this weekend!!

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Sunday, January 11, 2009

Milestones, Mindy and Memories


Wow, it's hard to believe but, I have surpassed my 100th posting! Glad to see I can keep up with something! I tend to always say I have the worst attention span. I'm sure you have noticed that. I jump from thing to thing. But, I do usually finish an item before I move on. Usually....

One of my Yorkshires has been pretty sick the last two weeks. Mindy (sick) on the left and Mandy on the right. First week, mysterious nose running and issues. Gave her antibiotics. Didn't work. They wanted her to have a second week of antibiotics.

This second week, I really thought we were going to loose her. She was sooo lethargic and didn't want to eat/drink. Hundreds of dollars later for visits, xrays, bloodwork, etc.. the vet doesn't seem to know what caused it. My theory is, that second week of antibiotics were not right. Something was different. When I stopped giving it to her yesterday I'm starting to see her personality come back and she finally ate something. Amen

Her sister, stayed by her side at all times. They are from the same litter. When we would take Mindy to the Vets, Mandy would howl by the door until she came back.


I've been doing pretty well with my Project 365. I decided to take a stab at creating a 2 page spread template myself and here's the example. Some of the photos aren't in this capture but you get the picture.

The scrapbook elements are from the French Market Super Pack at and the sepia photo overlay is from it's called Worn Photo Overlays

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Icing and Templates


Yesterday was such a beautiful view out the window with all the ice on the trees. It definitely poses risks and problems but sometimes it's nice to just stop and appreciate the view.

Luckily, I work in the technology field that would allow me to just "plug into" work from home over the internet. Gotta love the internet! It's hard to see from this photo that the pine trees are weighted down with ice.

Project 365 Digital Scrapbooking Templates

Well, so far so good. I've made a just about a week for the Project 365. What I did want to share with you is such a wonderful site where I found a weekly psd format template (Which I use in my Photoshop Elements program) to get you started. It's from Meridith at Moriginals

There is always time to start later than the "official" start. I encourage you to visit at Meridith's site. If you don't visit for the project 365 digital templates, she has so many other digital scrapbooking templates available for free!!

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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Angel Baby Block Swap

I've signed up for my first block swap. Of course I procrastinated and only have a month to complete. It's called the Angel Baby block swap and is coordinated by Sindy at They are sooo adorable!! Sindy has some great applique blocks available. You can find out more about the pattern here and sign up for the swap by being a member of the Scratching Post Yahoo Group I signed up for 8-10 blocks.

So far, I have the off-white background cut to the 10.5" blocks. Last night I was working on the fusible web tracings. I'm going to use the lighter Steam A Seam2. I had two packs of 8x11 sheets and I was dreading tracing all the pieces for 10 Angel Babies. Finally last night it hit me. Trace once and cut multiple sheets... duh So I traced two sets of Angel Babies and attached 5 sheets of fusible web and pinned each piece for cutting. I also traced the four different sets of wings on 4 sheets of fusible web. Now the only thing left to trace are all the extras if wanted - hair, flowers, etc.

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Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Years Goals & Project 365

Again, Happy New Year. This year, my goals are to declutter and organize and of course, craft.


Here's my goal. I am either going to throw away or give away (if can be used by someone else) 5 things a day. It can be as simple as throwing away (recycling of course) that free plastic container instead of keeping it. Or, finally parting with those craft items I keep holding on to but not using. Just 5 things (no matter how small) each day.

Project 365

This was something I came across in my Creating Keepsakes magazine and found very interesting. What a great craft Project. They had an elaborate scrapbooking kit (sold out) for it but my goal is to just complete it electronically for now. Maybe weekly or monthly, I'll gather the photos and make a page.

The concept is to basically keep a small journal and at least one photo per day for 365 days. You can even try recipe cards like their kit example. I have enough scrapbooking stuff to complete my own kit. I don't plan on making a scrapbooking page everyday (maybe once a week) if that. I have been keeping a few bullet items each day and a photo. However, I think my goal is to get a photo to focus on each day with one line comments. This way I can look back and see what's been going on. Here's an example:

010109 - Posted TJ to YouTube

010209 - Pursuing Project 365

010309 - Mindy's sick - $144 Vet bill for blood work - Mandy stays by her side

and so on.... P.s. Mindy and Mandy above are 2 other parts of our zoo :-)!

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