Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Blink and your life changes

Hello to all my crafty friends.  It's amazing that about 10 months ago, my goal was to just start crafting again.  I blinked my eyes and so much has changed.  Family members have moved into assisted living, hubby and I decided on a whim to up and move after 20 years in the same place.  Do you know what's it's like to pack up and move 20 years worth of stuff.  OMG.  Especially someone who loves crafting?  Why of course you do!!  To pack up and move all those crafting items was an eye opener.

So, to bring myself back into the blogland, I share this repeated photo to remind everyone to get out and vote!!

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Sunday, January 10, 2016

Getting Back to Crafting ~ First Week Progress

Yeah!! I actually created two blocks this past week.  With my schedule, I'm happy with that result.  It's a great start for me in the new year.  I also updated my embroidery digitizing software so that I can start working in my embroidery machine as well.

This has been a UFO for a year or two.  I started creating the strip pieced blocks because i had a bunch of fat quarters that weren't the most appeasing.  However, when placing them in strips, they start to blend together. 

So, on to my goals for the next week!  Hope all is making progress in their crafting for 2016!

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Monday, January 4, 2016

2016 Resolutions

Like everyone, I have such high hopes for resolutions this year.  I want to get back to crafting, get organized and take better care of myself!

  1. I'd like to finish at least 3 UFO's in 2016.
  2. I'd like to sew at least 1 block a week for a future quilt. 
  3. I'd like to start on our travel T-Shirt Quilt
  1. I'd like to use my embroidery machine at least once a month.
  2. I'd like to read the full manual/lessons on my digitizing software :-)
  1. I'd like to quilt at least 1-2 of my quilt tops this year
  1.  I'd like to make at least 2 homemade cards a month and send them to someone.
  1. I'd like to pitch or donate 5-10 things a day no matter how small,.
  2. I'd like to start reducing my excess craft items and start to sell some of the excess.
 I'm exhausted just thinking of all these goals.  My final goal would be to complete at least 1-2 of these goals this year LOL.

What crafting resolutions do you have??

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Friday, January 1, 2016

Goal - Coming back to blogging in 2016 - Sharing Free Downloadable Planners

Happy New Year to Everyone!

One of my goals for 2106 is to return to crafting and blogging.  It's way past time and I miss the enjoyment of crafting and sharing ideas and links with friends.  It's been too long.

To start the 2016 year off right, I'd like to start by sharing some of my tons of crafting bookmarks.  As with everyone, I have great goals of being organized for 2016.  Because of this, I'd like to share two of my favorite sites for downloadable/printable organizational calendars and printables.

  • Organized Home's many printable library of Calendars and Planning and time management printables.

Here's to a New Year, New You, and a New Start for everyone!!  Happy New Year Everyone!

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