Thursday, November 19, 2009

Portable Crafting

Well it looks like I will be changing my crafting to something a little more portable.  We have decided to go outside our area for treatment for my husband.  So, I will be leaving the craft items and the sewing machines behind and taking only something portable.  Time to transfer all the craft items over to our house sitter for a couple of months.

In the past, I have dabbled in Crocheting and did like it.  I made crochet stars or snowflakes last year to place on gifts.  I think I'll take some of that with me to the hotel.  Maybe I can make some for the Christmas trees that will be at the hospital over Christmas.

Or, I may become ambitious and make a crochet blanket.  In any case, I wanted to show you photos of the Christmas stars I previously made and where you can find a great tutorial.

Great Crochet Website

The website where I found these great patterns is called Crochet Mania by Teresa. She has great YouTube videos in the project descriptions that go along with the instructions. Here is the link for Snowflakes  I am working on above.

P.s.  If anyone has any other suggestions for portable crafting, send them along!

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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Finished Tumbler and Rag Quilt

It's nice to be able to say I finished two projects this week. I finished snipping the first rag quilt and then I also finished quilting the Moda tumbler with a quilting "design" and finished adding the binding. Here's a section of the finished rag quilt. I still have to wash the quilt to fray the edges.

Finished Moda Quilt

I binded my second Moda tumbler quilt with the leave fabric featured in one of the blocks. I quilted the quilt with a "stipple" quilting. I put "stipple" in quotes because it looks like a lot of alien fingers to me. Just doesn't look good like other stipple quilting I saw. Although, it was fun. I laugh how I can tell the different sections I worked on during different days. My stippling changed. I figured this was more of a practice quilt for me since I was not too crazy about the fabrics. I used a red, white and blue thread. I figured everything matched except the blue but the blue was pretty dark so it kinda blends in. Here's some photos of my first overall "stippling" on a quilt.

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