Cute Gypsy Quilt Kit

Sometimes I think the Joann coupons I watch for and save are costing me more in the long run.  Although I save a lot on purchased items (40% and 50% off), I tend to buy more.  So, I ask you, who makes out better?  Joann's or me.  hmmm..

Last stop, I came across this new kit I had not discovered before.  It was a cute boxed lap quilt kit called Gypsy Quilt Kit.  I love the fabrics in the kit.  They are so bright and fun!  Would be perfect for a young girl. It comes with 13 FQs and 1 piece 1/2 yard for binding.  The retail is $39 but never pay retail is my motto!  I'm trying to keep myself from going back and getting the queen size version with another coupon.  It has detailed instructions inside the box.  Who knew that a random pieced quilt would require such detailed instructions.  Now comes the fun part, following the directions.This will come in line after I finish my Santorini Lap Quilt and start/finish my Royal Menhi fabric Quilt!

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