Sunday, February 9, 2020

Finding my SewJo again - Bright Stars

It's been a while since I've been sewing.  Whether it's work or family events, everyone experiences slow downs in their favorite hobby.  I have finally started sewing again.  It started with one block to practice and then that turned into two.

Primarily I wanted to practice the star block.  It turned out so well, I thought I would keep going.  I put together 3 x 4 star blocks.  Then I loved it so much I needed to make it bigger.

But, I already didn't have enough of the bright colored fabric I used from a Pillowcase kit I used.  So, I introduced some new fabrics.  I think I'm going to call this quilt "Bright Stars" since they are very bright.  Here's where I'm at now.

One more row to go and then I have to brainstorm on how I want to border this quilt.  I'm glad the creative juices have returned!  Looking forward to sharing the progress again.

Thanks for stopping by!