Sunday, July 29, 2012

Adding Flowers to the Mix

I've been wanting to make fabric flower as embellishments to something for a while now.   I tried several different versions and finally settled on the half circle for each petal version.  I made a prototype and now I can move forward with finishing one completely.  I may do two layers, one with larger dark petals for the background and then one white to layer over the top. 

Here's the prototyped version added to the quilt in the bottom left.  This is helping to hide the visible spot where the seams do not line up.  The button I chose was too big for the prototype but I'll now be on the hunt for that special button!  Note, it's a little off-centered in the temporary placement on the quilt.

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Sunday, July 22, 2012

First Quilt Top Completed

I finished the first charity quilt for the breast cancer campaign in October.  Everything went well for the quilt until it was completely done.  One of the corners is a smidgen off. By smidgen, it's more like almost a 1/4 inch.  Driving me crazy.  But, most of the other blocks in the row match up so I'm not too sure how I would go about fixing this unless I add more to one column of blocks to push the white strip to the left a little to line up.  Or, I can reduce the size of the white strip a smidgen maybe. 

I forgot how difficult it was to add a strip and then continue to line up the blocks on either side of that strip.  If you have any suggestions, please let me know.  Here's the problem corner and then the full quilt top.  I'm also a little disappointed with the white fabric.  It's a little see through.  I'm concerned that when I put the yellowish natural batting behind it, the quilt top will lose it's crisp white strips.

2012 Quilt Top - Needs a little ironing.
This week, time to figure out the layout for the second quilt top and get moving on that.  Then, we are in the waiting game again for some tests completed on Friday for DH.   After 2.5 years of remission, it's still a roller coaster ride.  Keep your fingers crossed the bone marrow test comes back just "naturally" low.

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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Making Progess on First Charity Quilt

I'm on my way with assembling the first Charity Quilt for the Ford Cares Breast Cancer Quilt.  It's just what I needed to keep my mind occupied instead of stressing over other things that you can not control.  Each year I make these, it humbles me and makes me realize although we have had our share of issue these past 3 years, we are still so blessed.

I was only going to do a couple of rows, I was curious to see how the white would turn out with the blocks.  Here's my answer.  I like it however I'm not to happy with the white fabric purchased.  It's a little see through.  So, when I put the cream warm and natural underneath it, I think it will dull the crisp white...  I'll have to think on this one..

Then I thought I'd like to work on the center logo part.  I went to put the white around the white embroidered logo provided and decided it needed a dark border before the white is added.  So, I added a 1" pink inner border to match the other appliqued ribbons on the quilt.  Here's the center by itself.

So I kept going from there and now I have the top part, the left and right panels and the center grid all completed.  Maybe today I'll still add the white strips to the left and right panels and join them with the center grid of blocks to complete the whole middle section.  Of course, I'd then have to add the top to the middle section and heck, I'll be 75% complete with the top.

Here's the left, right, and middle panels handing on my banister (aka quilt rack) as soon as you walk in my home.

Making progress and that makes me happy!!
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

It's Mine Now Quilter's Circle

In the mail today, I had what looked like junk mail.  I opened it and it turned out to be a DVD from Quilters Circle entitled "The Essential Quilting DVD" Collection.  I skimmed through the letter because I know I did not order it.

I come to the part that said review it, keep it and send us $12.95 or if you don't want it, you will need to return it to us otherwise we will consider you want to keep receiving our dvds.

What a scam.  That's so sad they do that kind of thing.  Think of the many people that pay the bill.  If you keep sending me DVDs because I somehow became enrolled in your scam by keeping this one, I'll keep them too and I'm not paying you one red cent.

This falls under the United States Postal Inspection Service's Receipt of Unsolicited Materials.  Here's some of my favorite sentences from their site....

"....  A company sends you a gift in the mail--a ball point pen, a key chain, a tie. But you didn't order it. What do you do? If you are the type of person this company is looking for, you may feel guilty about accepting the item without paying for it. Don't feel guilty! It's yours, and you are under no obligation to pay anything. ....."

".....If you do not wish to pay for unsolicited merchandise or make a donation to a charity sending such an item, you may do one of three things (in each case, by law, you have no obligation to the sender)
  •  If you have not opened the package, you may mark it "Return to Sender," and the Postal Service will return it with no additional postage charged to you.
  •  If you open the package and don't like what you find, you may throw it away.
  • If you open the package and like what you find, you may keep it for free. In this instance, "finders-keepers" applies unconditionally.
Furthermore, it is illegal for a company that sends you unordered merchandise to follow the mailing with a bill or dunning communication.   

What's your thoughts on this kind of junk mail and if you received one, what did you do?

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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Uniform Randomness

I try so much to do random layouts but once I take a photo of them, I see the multiple colors not looking random enough for me :-).  There's too many darks together and too many lights together etc...   When I layout the breast cancer quilts, I do them on my floor, take a photo, rearrange and take another photo, and repeat so many times until I'm happy.

Here's what I started out with on my first breast cancer quilt layout.  I digitally added the white strips on the layout.  Of course, my photo of the layout on the floor also creates a distortion on the photo.  The dark wines jump out at me being not random enough for me. 

First Layout

After several episodes of rearranging, I added the dark wines around the center Ford Logo block.  The center block will also have a colored sash around it.  Then, the extra dark wines I added to the outer corner blocks.  Then I tried to alternate the remaining pink shades to create light and darks along with uniformly adding the embroidered blocks I created.  Now it's time to start sewing this one!

Final Layout

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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Embroidery Weekend

It was an embroidery weekend at my house.  I am just about completed with all the extras I like to add to the Breast Cancer quilts.  I love adding embroidered blocks of different sizes and styles.  This year, my favorites are the applique angels.  I used frosted fabrics for the wings.  It added just the right amount of sparkle!  I need about 16 extra (8 for each quilt) plus the ribbon corner blocks which are the basic ribbon applique blocks below such as the top left one.

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