Uniform Randomness

I try so much to do random layouts but once I take a photo of them, I see the multiple colors not looking random enough for me :-).  There's too many darks together and too many lights together etc...   When I layout the breast cancer quilts, I do them on my floor, take a photo, rearrange and take another photo, and repeat so many times until I'm happy.

Here's what I started out with on my first breast cancer quilt layout.  I digitally added the white strips on the layout.  Of course, my photo of the layout on the floor also creates a distortion on the photo.  The dark wines jump out at me being not random enough for me. 

First Layout

After several episodes of rearranging, I added the dark wines around the center Ford Logo block.  The center block will also have a colored sash around it.  Then, the extra dark wines I added to the outer corner blocks.  Then I tried to alternate the remaining pink shades to create light and darks along with uniformly adding the embroidered blocks I created.  Now it's time to start sewing this one!

Final Layout

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