Turning Twenty Quilt Top Finished - With a twist

I started playing with the last border of the turning twenty quilt on Sunday. I had the 20 pieces left from the 20 Fat Quarters used. These pieces were 16.5" long and 3.5" wide. When I placed them next to the quilt so far, I did not like them, they were too large of blocks of color. I debated about not adding the final border. I stopped playing with the borders for a while and then walked away.

I looked at the pile of pieces I had and then decided to do the fun part. Deviate from the "standard" turning twenty quilt pattern. :-) I decided to randomly cut the border blocks up into pieces and again randomly place them back together. This worked pretty well, EXCEPT for all those pieces and seams really test your sewing and cutting skills to end up with straight lines. OK, so I had some waves here and there in the borders. I decided to move ahead and complete all four side pieces. Since I was cutting up all the original pattern pieces and the pattern did not count on a solid border around the blocks as well, I knew I was going to come up short in length. So, I added random solid black blocks as well.

When I finished sewing the 4 rows to cover the sides of the quilt top, and I saw the slightly uneven sides, I decided to trim this border on both sides to give me a clean line to add it to the quilt top. I took off a quarter inch on both sides of the borders. Lazy me was not going to do the whole length of each border panel in one level. No, I folded up each of the borders accordion style and sliced the quarter inch off both sides in one swipe each side. Surprisingly, once I got the fold just right, it worked out well.

So, there you have it. The quilt top is completed. My work here is done. I'm not even going to try and quilt this one since it ended up so large. It's 70 x 85.5 in size. My Quilt frame is not nearly setup that large. So, off to the mail this one goes for an all over pattern. I'll add the binding once it is completed. I'm thinking of adding a red binding to set off the red blocks. We'll see. Well it's off to the next craft. Talk to you later.

P.S. The quilt was so large for me, it was difficult to get a good photo of it with all sides and corners showing :-)


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  1. I love it! The border changed the look so much-it is great!
    Where do you mail your quilts? I have a queen-not quite a king that I need professionally done and am hesitant to mail it to a stranger. Guess I am waiting for the lottery to come through so I can a) get my own long arm and b) have a house where it would fit.