Folded Star Ornament Instructions Part 1 - Supplies List

Folded Star Ornament Supplies List

Since I was so frustrated with securing the ornaments to the Christmas Tree Quilt just yet, I thought I'd do another Folded Star ornament and share the summary of steps.

Here are the supplies you need for a folded star ornament - Just in time for Christmas. I'll try to finish up the instructions within a week.
  • I use five 2.5" strips of fabric (full width of fabric) from two different fabrics that you want to use in your ornament. If I have excess left over, that's just more I have for the next star.

  • 3" styrofoam balls. You can get them several places. Go to the dried flower arrangement area of your craft shop and purchase the 3" styrofoam balls. Or online, they are Similar to this example

  • Magic Sizing spray or your favorite spray starch. I like to use Mary Ellen's Best Press clear starch alternative in the non aerosole bottle.

  • An iron

  • Lots of straight pins. Your everyday basic straight pins. You will need at least a package of needles for each ornament.

  • Ironing surface where you can complete tons of ironing.

  • Ribbon or an extra piece of coordinating fabric to wrap around the outside of the ornament to hide the edges

  • Something to act as the hanger for the ornament.

  • A thimble to help you press in a few of the pins that just don't want to go in.

  • Optional tweezers to help move the fabric points back over the pins after they have been placed.

  • Finally, patience, patience, patience.

If you have any questions on the folded star ornament along the way, let me know.

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