Great Weekend - Two Quilts Completed & Photographing Quilts

Yeah!!  I completed the bindings on both Breast Cancer quilts!  I also re-added the bobbles that were removed for quilting.  Finally, I added the last of the ric rac trim to the second quilt.  I really enjoy working on these quilts but I also enjoy finishing them.  It's a sense of relief knowing I am completed.  Now, I just need to package them up and send them out.  First, I'll contact the coordinator.  I may need to add a hanging sleeve so I may have one more step to go.

Photographing Quilts

How do you photograph your quilts.  It's hard to find an area to get a good photo of my completed quilts.  I currently hang them over the entry way banister however, it adds a bow in the center when the quilt goes over the carpet floor that extends under the banister.  I've tried photographing them on the floor, but, then you get a a very large angular photo. Unfortunately, I do not have the room to create a design wall.  Looking forward to hearing your tips!

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  1. Doreen , Houston, MNSeptember 7, 2010 at 7:42 AM

    I have the same situation. Will look forward to hearing how others dealt with this.