Binding Added and Ready to Sew

Yesterday I removed all the curved pins placed for quilting since the quilting was complete.  I also added the binding to both quilts yesterday and they are ready for hand sewing to the back.  Perfect job for the weekend as Irene heads up the shoreline.  They are saying we may get some rain from it in PA.  The binding that I added matches the backing on the quilts. 

When I was completing the binding on the quilt, I have such a hard time with joining the ends of the binding ends.  I've tried many times but just can't get it right.  However, this time I think I realized my problem.  I never leave a big enough open space to join the tails properly.  I'll try and practice once I am completed with these quilts.  In the meantime, I do straight sewing.

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  1. I used to have trouble with joining the ends too until I bought the CutRite Bind Up. I've never had troubles since. I bought mine online after reading about it on another blog.