Bindings and Backings

I completed the bindings and backings for the two quilts on Saturday.  I've been off visiting family in Western PA for a couple of days.  I got home just in time to feel the East Coast Earthquake.  That was weird.  The backings and the binding are made from the same fabric.  Turns out I purchased large lots (5 yards) of this fabric twice.  I must have really liked it.  I used my simplicity binding maker to help me create the 620" + of binding.  It makes it oh so easy and fast!  Today, I'll be pinning a quilt to the backing.  Don't think I'll quilt it just yet.  I plan on stitching in the ditch on both quilts since there are a lot of embellishments.

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  1. It sounds you like your binding maker. Glad to know it made it easier. I dont know anyone who has one. I was wondering if they were worth buying. I am for anything that makes thing easier. Thanks for sharing