Quilt 1 Assembled

I finished assembling sewing the center of the first Quilt for a Cure breast cancer quilt yesterday.  I'm happy with all the match up seams but the center blocks are bothering me.  I probably should have made the right half block a light color.  Why didn't I see that before when the individual blocks were laid out?  It's the right half block flanking the Ford center block. 

On to assembling the second quilt center.  I call them the centers because I'm thinking these quilts need borders.  I'm on a schedule to finish these.  I actually created a project plan to have them completed by the end of the month.  Now how techno-geeky is that?  So, based my plan, I have one day to decide if borders are needed and what they will look like.  But, if I finish the second quilt assembly today, I'm ahead a couple days :-)

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