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I'll be stepping away from the Pink Quilt for a little bit.  Off to visit with family.  So, I have a couple of non related items to share along the way.

Over the summer, I shared a way to publish your blog into a book using a service I found SharedBook Blog2Print .  I am not compensated by them, just a happy customer so far.  The previous blog that I had printed to a physical hard copy book was a smaller private blog that was not too expensive to print to hard copy.  However, my craft blog would have been over 300+ pages.  So, I opted to have a pdf file created from the blog.  This way, I don't have to click on the blog navigation to look back at the different entries.  They still lay it out with all entries being indexed in the front of the file and rearrange all photos to be able to display them more efficiently on the page.

The price to create the full pdf of my blog from June 2008 until yesterday was $7.95.  So, just an option I wanted to share with the bloggers out there.  It was super quick and easy. 
Thanks for stopping by!  

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  1. Great tip Trish. Reasonable price too. Thanks for sharing.