Outdoor Halloween Decorations

I thought we were finished with our Halloween decorations for this year, but, after assembling all the photos, I'm thinking I need a little more on my porch.  I pulled out my Halloween wall hanging quilt and had to figure out how to hang it on our new steel door.  Luckily, it was smaller than the center window.  So, I decided to get a few suction cups with hooks on them.  I got mine from amazon but I'm sure they carry similar at a dollar store type store.  To hang the quilt on the hooks, I used office binders.

Here it is centered on the window.  The suction cups are easily holding the quilt.

I didn't want to hang it on the glass screen door because I was concerned that maybe some condensation would build up and get on the quilt.  The only problem with not hanging it there is now there is a glare on the quilt during the day.  But looks great in the evening.  So, I'm OK with the evening view under the lights.  Here's where I think we need a lot more decorations.  All our decorations are in the yard.

Here's the yard decorations.  The main feature is a bale of hay and then a dollar store type scarecrow, some coleus plant from summer that grew like a weed.  A local mum that has a great burgundy color and the pumpkins in disguise.  Hard to believe Halloween is almost here. 

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