Watch for Falling Branches

It is snowing so much here in Central PA that we are losing branches left and right on our trees in the front yard.  We don't dare walk out the front door until the snow is over...  We have to go out the back and walk around front to get photos of the branches coming down.  It's such a heavy, wet snow.   And tomorrow, I think it is supposed to be 50 degrees  hnmmmn

The neighbor said, right after I snapped the first photo of our halloween decorations with a little snow, the branch came down near where I was standing.  Whew, that was close....  Notice my masked pumpkin laying facedown in the front of the photo :-)

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  1. Wow that is a lot of snow! I hope your power lines don't fall next. :-/

  2. I saw on television this afternoon that there was snow in Pennsylvania. Way too early when Halloween isn't over yet. The snow is pretty, though.