Paper Piecing Wreath Marathon

I decided to continue sewing the paper pieced wreaths since I sewed two extra of the same piece.  Why not finish them?  I decided I'm giving the wall hangings as gifts to a few people.  The paper piecing goes pretty fast the more you do it.  I was able to complete three wreaths.

I had this idea to try something I have not done in the past yet.  I thought, what if I put an extra layer of batting under the wreath to make it a little "puffy" in the wall hanging.  Ok so I think the official terminology is trapunto.  So, here's how I went about doing it.  It worked for me and I plan on doing this more in the future.  I reprinted the patterns and then traced the area where I wanted the extra batting.  I pinned a piece of scrap batting on the back of the pattern and then sewed on the traced lines.  I then cut out each piece and then removed the paper pattern from the cutout.

I added each piece to the back of the wreath wall hanging and used a little 505 temporary spray to hold them in place.

I then created the quilt sandwich like you normally do.  I stitched in the ditch all around the edges.  It's hard to see in the photos but it did place a puffier area in the wreath.  On the second one, I may put two layers of batting pieces prior to the sandwich.  I don't  think it stands out a lot because there is not a lot of quilting around the double layer of batting. But, I like how it turned out.  Now, I may or may not decorate the wreaths prior to gift giving.  Not everyone likes bling bling like me :-)

Off to finish two more wreath hangings.  Don't forget, you can download the pattern for free on my previous entry.
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