Simple Halloween Quilt Center Completed

I've completed the Halloween quilt center and all I have left is the borders.  My goal is to use the same squares from another charm pack and cut them into 2.5" squares and add them to the outer border between some alternating black squares.  It was a little difficult lining up all the blocks when using the black borders but with some patience, it paid off.  I absolutely love the colors in these charm packs! 

Hopefully today, I'll be able to add the borders and then move into quilting.  I added 6 panel blocks from other Halloween fabric I had.  I should have randomized those a little better on the quilt but there was a lot of last minute rearranging of the blocks and the orders got a little mixed up.  All in all, the randomized colors didn't turn out too bad. 

Thanks for stopping by!

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