Fall Quilt - Folded Star Ornament II

Folded Star Ornament Twist

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I'm still fascinated with the folded star ornament and wanted to try something. I printed out photos of my dogs and my great niece (wow, great niece makes me sound old). Then, I just stated folding and adding the triangles to the photos in a star patterns. I tried two different star patterns on the one ornament

It was tough because you didn't have that starting point in the middle. I definitely want to make the photos smaller next time and try again. However, I thought you might like to see my experiment.

Fall Quilt - Cut Outs Completed

Why do applique's have to be so intricate :-) I can see I'm going to have fun sewing down the leaves of this Amish Pumpkin fall wall hanging. There are so many twists and turns. If anyone has a good suggestion on how to quickly sew down this type of applique, please let me know.

I also completed the pumpkin template cut out and the background piece is set. For the background, I chose a black blender fabric. I think it will contrast nicely with all the fall colors. I also chose the background fabric. It's a brown orange tie die like batik.

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  1. Hi Trish. When I had maple leaves to applique I dropped my feed dogs and set my machine to zig zag. Then I thread painted my way around the leaf and straight stitched a centre vein and side veins in the leaves. I used different threads depending on the colour of the leaf and I used more than one colour on occasion. Hope this helps!
    Lurking Linda