Folded Star Ornament

I was determined to find the pattern for the folded star. It's been pretty tough and I'm pretty good at finding things on the Internet since I work on computers all day long. I'm still looking for a better example of the folded square block for a wall hanging but I did find an example for an ornament. After I could not stop last night until I finished the ornament, I know I'll be able to do the block.

I know black and purple were not the best fabrics to use as an example but since it called for 2.5" squares, I cut up some excess binding I had and re-ironed it since it was already 2.5" wide.

I see lots of ornaments in my future. I'm going to make these for friends for little knick knack gifts for the holidays this year. Let me tell you, it uses A LOT of pins. I want to guesstimate I used about 250+ Here are some photos of the steps along the way.

Fabric Pieces are 2.5" squares folded in half and then sides folded down to form a triangle.

I finished with one side first.

Then the other and the two sides should meet somewhat closely in the middle. Good photo with pins.

It calls for ribbon to be wrapped about the sides to hid the visible pins but I used matching purple fabric. I folded a 2.5" strip in half, right sides together and then sewed a seam. Then I turned it inside out and wrapped it around the ornament and secured with double sided tape.

I added sheer ribbon on the top in a loop to fashion the hanger for the ornament. This has a lot of flexibility here so I'll probably be experimenting with the hangers.

Well for my first try at the folded star, I'm pretty happy with the results. Right now the loop top is pinned, but I'll sew or tape it closed and turn it so the connection is under the loop on the top of the ornament.folded star ornament

There are places I could have been more careful about the distance I placed the next layer and I see a few pins here and there since I did not fold my triangles and press tightly. But, I wish I would have found this sooner, I'll be making these for a while. Let me know what you think :-)

P.s. I see lots of "bling" in their future too! Rhinestones and fabric paint...

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