Trish's Tools - Joining Batting Pieces with Batting Tape - Part 1

When I first read about this "Heat Press Batting Together" I thought what a great idea.  I hurried up and bought a few rolls since I have so many batting pieces that I said "someday" I would make potholders since they were not big enough to complete another quilt with.  I have some rather large pieces that would be perfect for my lap quilts if I could piece them together.  

Once I got the protective cover off of the roll, it was as simple as prepping the batting but cutting straight edges and ironing.  First, I found two large pieces of batting.  I'm using Hobbs Heirloom cotton batting.  I placed the two large pieces together and cut a straight line (OK it wasn't perfectly straight) so that the ends will butt up together. I then placed them end to end on the ironing board and then placed the Heat Press Batting Together tape down on top of the batting in a small section at a time and then pressed the tape with the iron.  

Seemed to be holding so I continued down the full size of the batting.  Looks pretty good.  However, i decided I wanted the tape on both sides for "extra" insurance since it was for a quilt.

I flipped over the batting and added a second strip of the tape and ironed every couple of inches as I laid the tape down.  Once I was done, I was very impressed.  It seemed to hold tightly (I was so tempted to pull on both sides but I thought that would be pushing my luck.  I gave it a light tug and was holding well.  It seemed to be even with the rest of the batting so same height.

Next steps is to load it on the quilting frame and machine quilt over it.  So, stay tuned for Part II.
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