Trish's Tools - Joining Batting Pieces with Batting Tape - Part 2

I spent the day yesterday quilting up a T Shirt quilt that I have had the top for a long time. I'll share photos of the full quilt sometime later in the week.

So I quilted through the "Heat Press Batting Together" tape with my HandiQuilter.  It worked like a charm.  No thread breaks that were out of the ordinary.  No gathers where the tape is located.  I give it a thumbs up, A+ and I'll surely be using it again.  Saved me from having to buy more batting for a smaller quilt.  

Here's some photos.  If you stare long enough at the one with the green box, you might convince yourself that you see the tape.  Really, I can not pick it out from the front or back of the quilt.  Only where I can see the ends sticking out waiting to be cut off.  To see more detail, click on the photos to enlarge.

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