Layout Change - Breast Cancer Quilts

I'm not a square quilt kind of person.  When the measurements add up to form a square, I do everything to add more height.  Add it to my list of quirks.  But yet, when I see other people make square quilts, I like them.  Go figure. 

I tested out the breast cancer quilt with the horizontal spacer rows between every 4 rows.  Well I did one and then used graphics software to crudely add in the other solid fabric strips.  I did not like how that turned out.  So, since it was digital, no seam ripping needed. 

I went from there to a totally random layout of all the blocks.  I shortened the width from the center panel shown in the previous quilt and added more rows.  Thus, I got the rectangle I was looking for.  Here are all of the blocks out on top of the bed quilt before I started sewing.  I'll show the completed quilt top in a day or two vertically so you can see all the fantastic blocks and sayings!  One more quilt top to lay out.  I think I'll go with the same layout since there are so many colors in that bag of blocks as well.

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