Heartfelt Blocks

I've started on the first breast cancer quilt for this years Quilting for a Cure.  I like to take the time and look and read each block received for each quilt I have volunteered to complete.  Here are a few of my favorite blocks from the first quilt bunch.  This quilt had 110 5" blocks.  Therefore, I'll have a 10 block columns by a 11 block rows quilt.  I also have the Ford block for the center of the quilt.  I have not decided on whether there will be borders or not as of yet.

After I received each block, I place them in color categories and count them up.  I try to randomize them as much as possible.  By this, I mean I try to separate the similar colors.  This bunch had one blue block.  It's a beautiful embroidered block.   I know that anywhere I place this block, it will stand out.  Below is a montage of the layouts.  I love using the camera to help me see the color values and it allows me to see where there a too many light like blocks and too many like dark blocks.  This layout only took me about 4 tries.  There is an imbalance of dark stripes on the lower left versus the top right but I think it still works.  On the final (4) bottom left there seem to be 4 dark diagonal stripes and on the top right there are only 3, but I like it.  What do you think?   That's it for today, maybe tomorrow I'll start sewing them together.

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