No Block Left Behind

When I was trimming most of the blocks in the second set of quilt blocks, there were about 8+ blocks that were not the correct size of 5" squared.  Donors are asked to create their quilt blocks with 5" square leaving 1/2 inch area around the square for seams.  My initial thought was to leave these couple out.  We all know when a block is too small, the quilt top does funny things.  Even an 1/8th too small makes an impact to the way the quilt lays.

Then, I stepped back and asked myself to make them work somehow.  I remembered I had a few blank precut 5" squares from previous quilt.  I then decided to applique the too small blocks onto the right size blocks.  Now, no block is left behind.  I'm pretty happy these turned out the way I wanted them to.  Now, I just need to figure out a layout for all these colorful blocks and then I'll be able to start sewing.

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