String Quilt - 33 Blocks to Go

Yesterday I spent a little bit of time trimming all the newly completed string quilt blocks I had completed.  I then threw them together rather quickly with the others to see how many more I have left to do.  If I want to make the 8 blocks by 10 blocks size I want, I have 33 blocks to go.  I think if I ever complete another string quilt, it definitely will not be as small of strips as those I have been using.  I will also not use as small of blocks (6.5" blocks) as I have been using.  But, little by little, I'm getting there.  However, let's not forget, I have all that paper to remove from the blocks as well.  Bummer.

But, one thing at a time.  I am determined to finish this quilt this year!  Here's what I have so far now.  I wish the colors would photograph better.  It's not as dark as it seems.   When it's time to assemble the blocks, I'll spend a lot more time evening out the colors in the blocks. But, not too bad for a pack of fat quarters I never thought I would use.

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