Second Quilt Center assembled

I only have the border to complete on the second Ford Cares Breast Cancer quilt.  I was able to assemble the center part of the top.  I like how all the extra embroidery blocks turned out.  Even with the different fonts that I used.  To me, the Cure and Wish words are larger than the rest but I'm going with that it was on purpose.  We all wish for a cure on this disease. 

Here's the center part.  I plan on adding a thin white border and a pink exterior border around the whole thing.  I didn't get a chance to iron the top yet.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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  1. A VERY honorable quilt to sew together into a representation of what women and men will do to fight against such an ugly disease. Very beautiful!

  2. This is a very special and beautiful quilt. You are awesome for making it.