The I's have it

In between the storms today,  I was able to work on the extra blocks that I wanted to add to the second charity Breast Cancer Quilt I am starting to assemble.  I had blank blocks added to make it to the 10 blocks by 12 layout size I wanted, but could not keep them blank.  So, off to the embroidery machine I went.  I was able to get these completed pretty quick.  They all needed to be light backgrounds to work with the layout I was thinking about.

I'm pretty much happy with how they turned out except two.  Why is it that every embroidery font that comes with a sewing machine has a funky looking I?  I mean the capital I's always look like T's to me.  What gives?  Ugh... What do you think?  I wanted it in all caps since I'll have four blocks in caps and four in sentence case.

While I am being picky, I'm thinking my capital C looks almost like an E.  Instead of CURE, my eyes are seeing EURE.  Maybe it's time to push up that eye doctor visit.  I may be off to look for new fonts with basic I's and C's to redo these two blocks.  I wanted to keep them all in the same font, but, not sure I will.

Hope all is going well with you this weekend! 
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  1. I agree with what you are saying about the fonts. I feel the same way when I do the "I's" they never look right..I think I would redo those 2. You'll be happier with the outcome..Love your quilt. as a survivor, 6 years, it speaks to my heart!! Good luck!