Friday, August 24, 2012

Getting Ready for Quilting

Since both quilt tops are completed, it's time to get ready for quilting.  I wish I could remember where the ribbon quilt pattern came from but I honestly don't remember.  I squared up the quilt top.  Before loading it, I decided to practice the pattern on some ruined white (now yellowed) fabric piece I had. 

Even though the software can figure out how many repetitions I should use for the pattern on my quilt, I tend to like to rely on my own figuring out on scratch paper.  I'm glad I practice it first since you can see my spacing was way off on the spacing between the rows 1 and 2 at first.  So, I tried again and then I was happy with the intertwined designs on rows 2 and 3.

Now it's time to load the first quilt and get going.  I'll post pictures of the finished product hopefully by the end of the weekend! Stay Tuned!

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Simple White Border

The last part (I thought) that I needed to do on the second charity quilt was to add a border to it.  I thought of all different options.  The last idea I had was to keep it simple. One single border.. But what color should I use?  I settled on a white border.  The same white fabric that is in the center of the quilt.  Once the pink binding is added, the whole border/binding combo will match the quilt center.    Next up, a little practicing for quilting and then it's time to start loading the quilt tops to be quilted!

I'm not crazy about how you can see through the white fabric.  Because of this, I went out and purchased the warm and white batting.  The warm and natural I usually use made the white have a beige tint to it.  Hopefully the warm and white will work just as well.

Additionally, I need to embroider a few more words on the completed quilt top.  This will be a big challenge since it's already assembled.  I honestly missed mentioning the guys as well.  I should put Men and/or Brothers somewhere on the quilt.  But where??  Maybe in the pink around the white center.  This will be interesting.  I need 2 additional words to add with the words Brothers and Fathers.  Here are the other words that I already used on the quilt:

Faith / Believe / Sisters / Fight / Family / Strong / Courage / Friends / Cure / Hope / Support / Brave / Love / Wish / Inspire and Mothers.

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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Second Quilt Center assembled

I only have the border to complete on the second Ford Cares Breast Cancer quilt.  I was able to assemble the center part of the top.  I like how all the extra embroidery blocks turned out.  Even with the different fonts that I used.  To me, the Cure and Wish words are larger than the rest but I'm going with that it was on purpose.  We all wish for a cure on this disease. 

Here's the center part.  I plan on adding a thin white border and a pink exterior border around the whole thing.  I didn't get a chance to iron the top yet.  Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

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Sunday, August 5, 2012

Many Wishes

I found that I needed to redo a few words in another font.  I just could not keep the funky looking I on the first try.  The font's don't match but I like them better than before.  It took me a few tries to get the right size of "wish" for the quilt.  I have a few extra blocks so I may be making a pillow too.  Here's my many wishes.  It took me a while to find a font with a normal looking I

I finished up all the supportive words to add to the second charity quilt.  Here's the second batch of words and then all the words line up.

Next stop will be the quilt layout.  But time to go and enjoy some other items for the weekend.  Stay tuned for the quilt layout...

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Saturday, August 4, 2012

The I's have it

In between the storms today,  I was able to work on the extra blocks that I wanted to add to the second charity Breast Cancer Quilt I am starting to assemble.  I had blank blocks added to make it to the 10 blocks by 12 layout size I wanted, but could not keep them blank.  So, off to the embroidery machine I went.  I was able to get these completed pretty quick.  They all needed to be light backgrounds to work with the layout I was thinking about.

I'm pretty much happy with how they turned out except two.  Why is it that every embroidery font that comes with a sewing machine has a funky looking I?  I mean the capital I's always look like T's to me.  What gives?  Ugh... What do you think?  I wanted it in all caps since I'll have four blocks in caps and four in sentence case.

While I am being picky, I'm thinking my capital C looks almost like an E.  Instead of CURE, my eyes are seeing EURE.  Maybe it's time to push up that eye doctor visit.  I may be off to look for new fonts with basic I's and C's to redo these two blocks.  I wanted to keep them all in the same font, but, not sure I will.

Hope all is going well with you this weekend! 
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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Butterfly Babies

Every year we anxiously await the arrival of the monarch butterflies to our butterfly garden in the back of the yard.  Over the last week we have seen a few fluttering around the flowers and we know what that means.  Tucked underneath those leaves are scattered micro dots of butterfly babies.  I know technically they are caterpillars but to me they'll be the butterfly babies. 

Most we leave on the leaves to try and mature naturally but others find themselves brought in and pampered in a safe environment to mature until it's time for release!  Look closely at the leaves photo.   The tiny specs of white are eggs that will hatch into tinee tiny caterpillars.

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